About Us

Preston Jones

I have almost 10 years experience in building design, CAD, engineering, construction, costs, and permitting. I pride myself on not just having the knowledge to be a building draftsman but to help you on all aspects of your project.

From small remodels to large custom homes, I strive to always make sure every client is happy with the services I offer.

I'm ready to help you get started on your construction design process today!

What to Expect from PJ Designs

  • Working directly with Preston from the beginning phases of the project, through permitting, and any in-field questions
  • Meeting the project's deadlines (I stay up late and work weekends!) and design budget
  • Professionalism getting your project through the city or county planning and building departments
  • Design project management/working with all third party companies
  • Engineering background to help avoid costly designs/building costs

About Me

  • I grew up in Templeton and was around construction my whole life. I worked summers and some weekends with my father's business, Patrick Jones Construction. The hands on work with remodels and new construction help peak my interest into design and ultimately pursuing an engineering degree.
  • I was fortunate that Templeton High School offered AutoCAD and Revit classes which furthered my interest into design. During and shortly after high school, I worked at a local drafting company for a couple years before I branched off and started doing my own projects.
  • During the "early years" of PJ Designs I moved down to Southern California. I worked remotely and attended a few community colleges and eventually (third times a charm) was accepted to Cal Poly in Civil Engineering, and moved back to San Luis Obispo County. I graduated in 2017 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and graduated in 2019 with a M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering. I currently have my E.I.T. (Engineer-in-Training) Certificate.
  • Currently I complete about 70 projects a year (PJ Designs), I am training at JK Engineering/Kudla Engineering in Paso doing structural design/engineering (to get my P.E. soon), I teach a CAD course at Cal Poly in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, and I help build spec houses with my family.