Design Process

Working together from Start to finish

The creative process of design works best when you take the time to figure out what your end goal is. Either starting completely from scratch with a list of requirements, creating your own sketches, or browsing the internet for layouts/ideas will get this going.

I can handle guiding you through the whole design process. I can be completely hands on or hands off depending on your desired level of involvement (time).

Elements of the Design Phase Include:

Project Team Assembly

Besides a Designer (myself) or an Architect, you'll most likely need other members of the project team to get a permit. This can include structural engineers, civil engineers, geotechnical engineers (soils companies), energy analysts, fire sprinkler designers, truss designers, surveys, landscape designers, and solar designers. I am happy to help you assembly a quality team of people I work with regularly or step in to just do my portion of the project (if you have or want to assemble the team on your own).


Without even diving right into the project, I am comfortable giving your rough numbers on the design project cost. This would include my portion of the project as well as all the others parties that are required to be involved. I based my numbers off of similar past projects to give you a ballpark to budget. One of my main goals is to create projects that the client is happy with while staying within their budget. I love creating economical designs that save money in building costs. I'll always be one to point at things that will add to the cost or save money.

Schedule and Communication

Most of the time we'll be working around others schedules and the city/county building department. I'm on top of checking in with the others working on the project and the building department to always see where we are at.


The whole process has a lot of paperwork and collaboration to get to a point where you can put a shovel in the dirt and actually start your project. My main goal is to make this as easy as possible for you.